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Rosso McGraw book

21st Century Prospecting

John Rosso
Mark McGraw

Today’s selling environment demands a change in one’s personal prospecting paradigm. It is about shifting the way one thinks about and conducts one-on-one interactions with prospective buyers across multiple platforms.

In 21st Century Prospecting: The Authoritative Playbook for New Business Development, authors and Sandler trainers, John Rosso and Mark McGraw, provide a guide for sales professionals on how to connect and engage effectively with prospective buyers in today’s complex, multi-platform selling environment.

A must-have book for sales professionals to create enduring success at a high and sustainable level in the 21st century:

  • A proven action plan for setting up and executing a powerful, personalized prospecting regimen that quickly delivers initial contacts with today’s decision-makers.
  • Stress-free strategies for dramatically increasing personal referral totals.
  • Proven strategies for generating positive initial interactions across multiple communication platforms.
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