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The 21st Century Ride-Along

Antonio Garrido

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Developing and coaching the sales team by sitting in on their sales calls is one of the best ROI opportunities open to any organization, large or small. This book shows managers how to use these “ride-along” sessions—whether in-person or digital—to make the sales team more efficient and productive.

For sales leaders, coaching salespeople by means of discreet, personal participation in their sales calls, through what is popularly known as a “ride-along,” is a high-risk undertaking. It’s the kind of thing that most managers are never actually trained to do. That’s unfortunate, because these sessions have a huge impact on both the relationship with the salesperson and the relationship with the buyer.

Antonio Garrido’s THE 21ST CENTURY RIDE-ALONG shows managers how to avoid the most common mistakes and deliver the greatest possible value during these meetings, which can take place in person or via interactive media platforms.

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