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The Contrarian Salesperson

Jody Williamson

800 CEO Read’s Business Book Best Seller

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To keep his job, struggling salesperson Alan Atleaster must master the Eight Rules of the Contrarian Salesperson – the essential elements of non-traditional selling.

In this fast-paced business parable, fed-up boss Harvey Hardnose sends a struggling salesperson, Alan Atleaster, into the care of eccentric sales coach Carl Contrario. Over the next eight weekends, Alan strives to hold on to his job … by learning, and living, the Eight Rules of the Contrarian Salesperson:

1.         Zig When Others Zag

2.         Sell Adult To Adult

3.         Everything Is An Iceberg

4.         No Coasting

5.         Manage Behavior, Not Results

6.         Use A Sales Process

7.         Embrace Deliberate Practice

8.         If You Feel It, Say It

Based on the field-tested principles of the Sandler Selling System, THE CONTRARIAN SALESPERSON gives sales professionals a compulsively readable primer on the eight essential elements of non-traditional selling. As Carl Contrario puts it: “Contrarian Salespeople are all about doing the opposite of what other salespeople do … because if you act like every other salesperson, you’re going to be treated like every other salesperson!”

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