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Digital Prospecting

Mike Jones,
Ken Guest


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Two senior sales trainers licensed in the world-famous Sandler Selling System offer a proven, battle-tested process for an integrated twenty-first-century prospecting system that leverages today’s social technologies.

Traditional cold calling is becoming less and less effective every day, because the way people prefer to communicate is rapidly changing.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with the diminishing returns you have experienced from traditional prospecting methods … if you’ve ever tried and failed to use social media and email to develop a consistent stream of quality leads … if you’ve ever had the sense that there should be a better calendar structure to your overall prospecting strategy, so that there’s a clear, unfolding pattern of contact that turns leads into active business opportunities  … you may want to keep reading.

This book outlines the most effective ways to prospect using email and social selling interactions as the initial point of contact with the prospect. The process it offers is not meant to replace cold calls. It’s meant only to give you the tools you need to evaluate which method makes the most sense, given your unique situation.

DIGITAL PROSPECTING is required reading for front-line salespeople eager to bring their business development plan up to date … and for the executives who train, supervise, coach, and mentor them.

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