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How to Sell to the Modern Buyer

How to Sell to the Modern Buyer

David Mattson
According to Sandler CEO David Mattson, the definition of professional selling is simple. It’s a conversation between adults to uncover the truth. This definition – so at odds with the high-pressure approaches to selling that have come to define salespeople in popular culture – lies at the heart of Mattson’s breakthrough book How to Sell to the Modern Buyer. His message is both timeless and timely, as changes in technology and buying habits have transformed the buyer journey.

To address those changes, Mattson provides 52 concise, tested selling rules for professionals who must learn to adjust to dramatic marketplace changes – fast.

“David Mattson’s definition of sales—’a conversation between adults to uncover truth’—is timeless and also timely, as technology and other factors affect business-development skills. How to Sell to the Modern Buyer recognizes that the most important thing about selling is the buyer, and provides practical advice about behaviors and techniques relevant to dealing with buying changes. Read this book, because it’s not the customer’s responsibility to adapt to your selling approach; it’s your responsibility to adapt to how and why they buy.” 
 –FRANK CESPEDES, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and author, Sales Management That Works


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