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The Intentional Sales Manager

Pat McManamon

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Until you harness the power of your own purposeful intention as a sales leader, your people will never deliver on their full potential. The Intentional Sales Manager shows how to launch, and sustain, the all-important process of personal and organizational transformation that drives the most successful sales teams.

Sales managers experience countless challenges on the job, including missed forecasts, morale problems, and lower-than-expected team productivity. Yet we may not realize how many of these challenges are preventable. All too often, these issues arise from a single, underexamined cause: a misunderstanding of our job description.

Our job as sales leaders is not to close sales. Very often, however, we act as though that were our intention! This common problem is compounded by the challenge that the metrics that can create a viable “scorecard” for successful salespeople are harder to identify at the management level. So our intention gets muddied. We don’t support and develop our people. And we find we have more fires to put out.

This book is about cultivating intentional sales management – effective management of the sales team that is done on purpose, with decisions made consciously, rather than from sheer force of habit. It is about the personal and organizational breakthrough that allows sales managers to transform themselves and their teams with the power of purposeful leadership.

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