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Making the Climb

Peter Oliver

Making the Climb by Peter Oliver is the antidote to the “sink or swim” approach that sabotages too many aspiring sales professionals. Most emerging sales managers receive little or no training before taking on the job. That is a huge mistake. The climb from individual contributor to manager is worth planning and preparing for, because this role is not only among the toughest on the organizational chart, but it is also the one that offers the most upside (and downside), both personally and for the organization.

Making the Climb is the must-have playbook for anyone making the transition from salesperson to sales manager:

  • Allows managers and leaders to identify the mindsets, key behaviors, and skills needed to achieve success.
  • Provides strategies for overcoming the three most common pitfalls emerging sales managers face, to a successful move from salesperson to sales manager.
  • Outlines a proven action plan for emerging sales managers and their mentors.
  • Helps salespeople emerge on purpose into the next phase of their career—and become true sales leaders.

Also available in Kindle on Amazon.

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