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Patient Care The Sandler Way

Donna Bak

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The definitive resource for effective patient care, based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System.

Great medical practices look and sound different than their competition.

Sure, profitability contributes to greatness, as does superior medical expertise—but these are not enough. Great medical practices put a high priority on delivering an extraordinary experience—for both their patients and their internal staff. As a result, they are better positioned to withstand the unique pressures and demands that occur in the medical field. They are less vulnerable to external changes, and stronger internally. Healthcare professionals at great medical practices experience less stress on the job and treat each other with more respect.

Great medical practices create an experience so positive that patients can’t stop talking about it. Patients talk to friends, relatives, and acquaintances about the care they received. They can’t help posting nice things about this great practice on social media. And they can’t imagine recommending anyone else.

PATIENT CARE THE SANDLER way shows how to create this experience. It offers timeless, proven principles for effective patient care, based on the communication skills and success principles of the Sandler Selling System.

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