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Playing the ACE

By Tim Goering

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Repetitive, stressful cycles of toxic conflict seem to be everywhere these days. These cycles are now so common, in fact, that they can almost come to seem normal.  But they’re not normal, and they’re not inevitable, either. You can break the conflict cycle, whenever and wherever it presents itself, at any time you choose … with Tim Goering’s breakthrough A.C.E. system.

Everyone experiences conflict and drama—at work, at home, and in countless everyday interactions in other environments. What happens when those conflicts go unresolved? Or worse, what if the resolution isn’t sustainable? The quality of life suffers. Problems at home adversely affect relationships at work, and toxic conflict at work can trigger toxic conflict at home.

Luckily, there is a cure for conflict; however, most people simply haven’t discovered it and have little or no interest in doing so. Typically, people just follow their instincts in the heat of the moment. They play it by ear. All too often, their relationships with others suffer. This is a potentially dysfunctional—and expensive—cycle.  

Playing the ACE shows you how to use Assertiveness, a willingness to Change, and Empowerment to resolve any conflict situation. When you use these tools to create a safe place for others to communicate, they usually will. Most people don’t create that safe place because they have never truly felt safe enough themselves. The result is that they just complain about others not communicating—when they themselves are in fact also not communicating. You can break this cycle, whenever and wherever it presents itself, using Tim Goering’s breakthrough ACE system.

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