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Retail Success in an Online World

Rob Fishman

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With all the technological and economic shifts leading to significant change in the world of retailing, it’s important to understand what really works -- as well as what really doesn’t -- in the current retail selling environment. Surviving and thriving in this market means not just meeting, but exceeding, customer expectations. In this book, you learn what makes that possible: a nurturing relationship…combined with a tested, repeatable, zero-pressure sales process.

Even in the face of revolutionary changes facing owners of small and mid-sized retail shops, what remains constant is the need for direct, personal interaction with a customer who needs help. That help comes most powerfully in the form of nurturing, real-time, in-person support for buyers who are facing a problem they haven’t yet solved … or who need in-person guidance in creating a successful outcome on an important purchase. For these customers, face-to-face interactions still matter.

Getting nurturing support from a real, live human being is part of how our species is wired. It is one of the main reasons face-to-face retail continues to be a part of the shopping landscape, and can never be fully replaced with a mouse-click or a 100% online experience. People will always need allies. They will always be receptive to the possibility of working with allies they meet in person, allies they like and who are like them.

RETAIL SUCCESS … IN AN ONLINE WORLD shows how to harness this basic human need, so you can compete, and win, in the Amazon era.

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