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Sandler Success Principles

David Mattson

Another Amazon Bestseller!

Purchase your Kindle version on Amazon.

This latest Amazon bestselling training book encompasses some of the ‘Attitude’ material that supports the behaviors and techniques in the Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Sandler® Rules, 49 Timeless Selling Principles and How to Apply Them. This is the perfect companion book!

What if you discovered the personal insights necessary to re-create the beliefs, behavior and attitudes of the highest earning, most successful sales people?

David Mattson, CEO and President of Sandler Training and a thought-leader in the training industry, delivers the information and guidance you need in this thought-provoking book to help you exceed your vision of what your career and life can be…

  • Discover the little known, direct connection between your thoughts and success.
  • Learn why strategies and techniques aren’t enough, and play a secondary role to your attitudes and beliefs, fears, perceptions of possibility, and most importantly, self-image—all critical elements of success.
  • Figure out why you haven’t always chosen the best behaviors, attitudes or techniques to achieve the success you want.
  • Finally, get on the right pathway to remedy and replace the root causes of failure or mediocre performance.

As you read, it may occur to you that you have access to everything you need, to get whatever you desire…

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