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Scaling Sales Success

David Mattson

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Sixteen proven “rules of the road” for sales leaders who aim to lead a team that generates scalable revenue growth.

This book is about leadership. It is meant for leaders who are responsible for the performance of a sales team.

Leadership is a very different skill from day-to-day management. This is because leadership is focused on the business, whereas management is devoted to solving problems that arise in the business. More of the “soft skills”–rapport-building, listening, public speaking, and so on--are required for effective leadership than are required for management. That may seem to suggest that leadership is the easier of the two paths, but the truth is that leadership is far harder for many people, because it is less tactical. Not all sales managers are sales leaders, but I believe all sales managers can learn to be sales leaders. And in order to scale the success of your team in a way that supports ongoing, aggressive growth, leadership is a non-negotiable requirement. In fact, it is impossible to create scalable revenue growth with day-to-day management alone. For that kind of growth, you need real leadership, leadership that is committed to creating and supporting a special kind of sales team: the kind that corrects itself. This means engaging people.

When people are engaged and motivated and feel they are part of something larger than themselves– that is to say, when they are happy – they are more productive. This book aims to show you how to make that happen. It outlines sixteen proven “rules of the road” for those leaders who are ready to make the journey necessary to transform a team of disengaged or marginally engaged salespeople into a cohesive, committed team capable of generating scalable revenue growth.

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