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The Success Cadence

David Mattson,
Tom Schodorf,
Bart Fanelli

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Is there a strategy you can count on to deliver rapid, "hockey stick" growth to your company? The answer, according to David Mattson, CEO and President of the global organization Sandler Training, and Tom Schodorf and Bart Fanelli, veterans of the high-tech sales wars, is “yes.” Aggressive growth depends on a critical strategic decision: the decision to invest in your sales team.

Sales is, after all, all about building and supporting personal business relationships. High-performing salespeople are the means by which those relationships are created and sustained. You need top-tier salespeople to create and support one-on-one relationships with senior-level decision makers. If your objective is rapid, scalable growth, you must target such salespeople in escalating numbers, recruit them, hire them, support them, and ramp them up to full capacity … quickly.

This book sets out a viable plan for doing just that. In Part One, Laying the Foundation, you learn what your real job as a sales leader is. In Part Two, The Calendar Matters, you find out how to establish and sustain the unique organizational rhythm – the cadence -- of a rapid-growth sales culture. And in Part Three, From Low Growth to Rapid Growth, you get insights on how to overcome the most common obstacles to launching and supporting "hockey stick" revenue growth.

You can transform your company’s performance capacity … by consciously designing a clear daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly operational cadence for yourself and your growing sales team. The Success Cadence is marketplace rocket fuel. Light it!

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