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Hiatt Sykes book

Yes, You Can Take a Day Off

David Hiatt
Susan Sykes

Owning a business can be rewarding…but it can also be exhausting. Many small business owners fall prey to traps that lead to them being spread too thin, cause burnout, or lead to business failure. 

In Yes, You Can Take a Day Off, authors Hiatt and Sykes provide a roadmap for entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to identify and steer clear of these nine toxic misconceptions. 

Having each owned a small business, Hiatt and Sykes share insights and actionable steps that have helped thousands of small-business owners overcome each one of these traps by implementing powerful, proven strategies that:

  • Smooth out and accurately predict cash flow. 
  • Build a repeatable and scalable framework for growing revenue.
  • Define the vision and direction that others will follow. 
  • Bridge gaps in communication. 
  • Create and sustain a healthy work/life balance.

Also available in Kindle on Amazon.

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