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Goal Setting Success Online Course

Goal Setting Success Online Workshop



This is your GPS to Success!

Learn how to create your goals, plans, and strategies to achieve your definition of success. This self-guided online workshop is designed to help you create a clear path forward. David H. Sandler, our founder, said, "Decide what you want, build a plan, and you can bet on the outcome!" We will help you learn how to do all three!

This six-part online course was designed for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn to reap the benefits of effective goal setting.
  • Take stock of your current reality and progress.
  • Define and visualize your dreams and mission.
  • Set SMARTER goals that help you build momentum.
  • Become the person you always dreamed you could be.
  • Stretch your comfort zones and burn your bridges to get committed to the plan!

In this course, Sandler trainers will walk you through 30 activities designed to get you going and growing. You will participate in a peer forum for extra feedback and accountability. If you take your time, watch the videos, do the exercises, and connect with the others in the course, you won't fail because we won't let you! Success is not a sprint; it's a marathon. It is not a destination, but a journey. Trust in and enjoy the process, and we will show you how to build your GPS to keep you on track.

Enroll yourself today in this online course from Sandler Training and get 12-months of Sandler's E-Learning Library with hundreds of additional resources!


Sandler’s E-Learning Library (SELL)

  • Over 100 How to Succeed podcasts
  • Over 20 webinars on sales and sales leadership topics
  • Dozens of whitepapers on Sandler success principles
  • LinkedIn the Sandler Way eBook
  • Why Sales People Fail eBook
  • Quarterly Sandler Advisor Newsletters
  • Other educational video sales tips and Sandler Rules for Salespeople and Sales Leaders

This package would normally retail at $997, and the content in these resources have helped over 1 Million salespeople change their lives and businesses, doing billions of dollars in sales around the world.

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