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New Advisor Launch Accelerator with Coaching Resources


This bundle for managers, coaches, and executives includes special resources to help you make the most of the program with your team.

  • NALA Coaching Process
  • NALA Coaching Playbook
  • Coaching Corner Video Lessons
  • NALA Program Guides
  • NALA Manager's Virtual Playbooks

The Sandler New Advisor Launch Accelerator sm is the only comprehensive online training curriculum of its kind in the financial services, insurance or banking industries, specifically targeting a brand-new advisor to get off to a quick start. 

The program has three distinct modules each with specific learning objectives: 

  • Module 101: Prospecting & Making Appointments
  • Module 201: Conducting The Discovery Interview
  • Module 301: The Feeling/Fact-Finding Conversation & The New Client

The lessons in each module have videos, workbooks, toolkits, playbooks, and sales manager’s coaching guides.