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No-Pressure Prospecting Online Course


A stress-free strategy for new business development from Sandler Training!

This special course includes video lessons from prospecting expert, Sean Coyle, tools, scripts, and resources to reframe your self-talk, structure a prospecting call and leverage technology for better sales conversations. We have also included advanced podcasts, webinars, and recorded speeches from the top prospecting coaches from around the world.

If you are like most salespeople, you are probably:

  • Stressed out over prospecting and avoiding cold calls (maybe even warm calls)
  • Concerned about new business number and feeding the funnel
  • Worried about a revenue plateau or shrinking marketing share

In this course, you will learn attitudes, behaviors, and techniques which you can immediately implement in your next outbound sales call. 

Sean Coyle will teach you how to:

  • Choose the right type of prospecting and the right type of prospects
  • Engage with gatekeepers and talk to more decision-makers
  • Structure an effective, efficient prospecting call that sets more appointments
  • Leave a voicemail message that gets returned
  • And so much more!